January 2012

1 Jan

This month’s project is CLOSETS. I have only a few and they are all small. Please come back soon to see the next blog on closets!


12 months of projects!

30 Dec

In May of 2010 we moved into our home and had A LOT of work to do. The people that lived here before us were, well, lets just say not clean. The house was in complete disarray!
As you can see from these few pictures, it was pretty horrendous. Pictures aren’t enough to do the house justice, however, because you can’t smell what we had to smell!! Needless to say, we spent an extensive amount of time making the house habitable. EVERY inch of the house had some, if not multiple amounts of work to be done. After about a month for work with numerous family members… we were ready to move in!

But we were also sick of working on the house.

Here it is nearly 2 years later, and we are ready to continue the work on the house! This blog will be about the work we do over the next 12 months!